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Library of interactive electronic lectures


      The lesson plan is the complete content system for all subjects of primary education. Lesson plans are based on elementary knowledge standards combined with positive, student-centered teaching methods.


The lesson plan is completed after many years of research with the advice of experienced educational advisors and excellent teachers who are directly teaching.


The lesson plan includes lessons from the full range of elementary subjects: Vietnamese, Math, Nature and Society, Ethics, Crafts, Science, History and Geography. The content ensures standards of knowledge and skills of the Ministry of Education.


The open design lesson plan helps teachers to customize according to their individual style, according to the level of student acquisition and regional characteristics.


The lesson plan is not only carefully invested in terms of content but also diversified, rich in resources (images, documentaries) along with learning games to help students consolidate their knowledge effectively and interesting.


Each lesson will be an exciting and exciting experience as students interact directly with the lesson and quickly acquire new lesson knowledge.


The system of multiple-choice questions after lessons combined with the use of the VOTE test equipment is the optimal method to help teachers assess the fastest, most accurate awareness of each student.


In particular, the lesson plan is also invested in fine arts and cultural values.


     The aim of iuEdu is to help students gain more access to the traditional beauty of Vietnam and understand the values ​​of the Nation. Each subject, each grade, and each topic has appropriate colors, textures and backgrounds.

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