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UP Mobile Multipurpose Board


     UP is designed based on the most modern technology from Sweden voted by BESA (British Education Association).


UP is a technological breakthrough of iuEdu with exclusive features and designs in Vietnam.


UP is designed to suit the school conditions in Vietnam (no white board, no separate multimedia classroom):

iuEdu has researched, designed, manufactured and added components for UP to have features suitable for traditional classroom conditions of Vietnam such as integrating directly on black board and scrollable. 


      UP mobile meets the features of a modern classroom:

UP mobile integrates all the necessary features of a modern classroom including: projection screen, whiteboard, interactive whiteboard.


      UP user convenient, simple, easy to manipulate, easy to preserve, reasonable costs.

UP mobile is compact (weight <1kg). Wireless connection makes use more convenient and safer than ever. When not in use can be rolled up.


The product has reached the final of the Vietnam Talent Contest 2014.




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