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Annotation software AIR primary


      Air Primary is a specialized lesson planning software with a Vietnamese-friendly interface, easy to use, especially suitable for elementary education.


The software integrates all necessary teaching tools with diverse lines and shapes suitable for all subjects.


The software allows teachers to easily include audio, visual, and video lesson plans that make lesson plans come alive, intuitive and suitable for elementary students.


Teachers easily create effects (hide, show, disappear, drag, drop, ...) on letters, shapes, sounds, images to design lesson plans in accordance with the process. lessons as well as help teachers create ideas for reinforcement activities, interesting and interesting learning games for students.


In particular, the software has built-in library with more than 20,000 documents in many different formats (images, audio, movies), divided into different topics to bring convenience for teachers in the process of finding resources. resources, materials.


One of the outstanding features of Air software is that it enhances the aesthetics of the lesson design:


     Learning the spirit of Apple product design, the software design team has consulted with art experts to choose the right colors for Vietnamese culture. Preparing lesson plans for teachers will not take much time to mix and match colors, but it is still possible to design lessons with well-known Vietnamese color schemes (such as old tiled roofs, moss, green bamboo) or sets. Colors that match the style, ages and aesthetics of elementary school students are integrated into the software.


The product won the Sao Khue title in 2014.

Copyright 655/2013 / QTG dated 30/01/2013.



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