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Interactive iu + class

     Iu + interactive classroom is the first comprehensive educational solution integrated and developed specifically for Vietnamese education.

Iu + was born after many years of research, with the advice of leading educational experts, the suggestions of teachers who are directly in the classroom, with quality consistent with the unique teaching environment. education. The software used in the solution, in addition to inheriting the most preeminent functions of well-known software, is also adding Vietnamese interface, Vietnamese functions, Vietnamese content, Vietnamese skills ...

Launched in October 2007, there are now 919 Interactive Classes at more than 300 elementary schools in 17 cities and provinces from North to South.

IU + has been recognized by the functional units and in accordance with skill standards.

The solution is a flexible combination of modern equipment such as multi-function boards, projectors, computers, multiple choice devices with Air lesson planning software, content system and lesson plan resources. The system of interactive lectures in Primary, full subjects contains over 40,000 pages of lesson plans with 20,000 visual illustrations. The content of the lectures follows the Ministry's program knowledge standards.

Understanding the difficulties of Vietnamese teachers in applying IT to teaching, IU + is suitable for even those who are not technically proficient, so they can quickly use the equipment of similar classrooms. operative. At the same time, teachers can change the process, select resources, and innovate in methods to suit the student's ability to absorb.

With the motto "Student-centered", the IU + interactive classroom helps students participate in a modern environment, interacting with her own lessons, thereby helping them confidently participate in the lesson. , understand fast, remember long. Students will be able to actively participate in lectures, can directly express their opinions and views. Iu + is the key to the 3rd goal that any school wants - that is, students don't get bored, don't lose focus, don't be afraid to go to class.

Thanks to these superior features, iu + interactive classroom solution was honored to receive the certificate of merit by Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan for IT Application Products in Education which was voted by many people in 2008. - 2009; won Sao Khue title of Vietnam Software Association in 2014 and reached the final list of Vietnam Talents 2014 - The most prestigious IT award in Vietnam.

With iuedu's relentless efforts, the goal is that by 2030, the Interactive Classroom Solution will reach 1,000,000 students across the country.

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